Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dance dance and more dance!

This year I decided to enroll Mallory in dance class at our church. She had been asking me a lot about taking. At our church they have someone come once a week for the preschool and also open it to other families to teach dance. Her two good friends from church Story and Madeline also take as well as a friend from school named Harris. This program is really more low key than most in town and they don't do huge recitals that you pay a huge recital fee for! Oh and their costumes only cost $12!! You can't beat that! I figured why pay big bucks for dance at age 4 when she may not even like it, but she really is loving it! 

Their first recital was last week and it was so much fun to watch them dance! I think mal had a little stage fright but she did great! Here are some pictures from the night! They did 2 dances one to Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer and also too Away in a Manger. 

I will add she didn't like her hair at all and asked all night to take it down! She also didn't stay on her taped x very well either! I was just happy she didn't bump into the girl she kept closing in on! A few times she kept staring at someone in the audience .. It keep lasting so long that I knew it had to be someone she knew.. Afterwards, I asked her who she was looking at and she told me Ms. Angela from school. She said that she didn't want her to see her dancing! Lol I guess she got embarrassed when she saw her. I can't wait to see the girls dance again at the end of school year! Here are a few pics I snapped on my cell. The better ones are on my real camera. Enjoy! 

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