Tuesday, November 6, 2012

5 and a 1/2 weeks without A/C!

It's been a little nuts around here lately. The most exciting news I have failed to blog about is, that as of September, Mallory is officially potty trained! This process was much easier than I ever anticipated! Besides potty training, we have been watching lots of football, I helped plan a dinner for the Perry's to celebrate their recent adoption of Madeline, Mallory had the stomach bug, John and I both had sinus infections and most recently we had no A/C for 5 and 1/2 weeks!

Now if you have ever bought a house, you may have been either been provided a home warranty or decided to purchase one yourself. This is actually our 3rd home warranty to have, but the first one to actually file a claim on. I never knew it would take 5 and 1/2 weeks to finally get a new a/c unit and furnace installed! I am sure had we been able to choose our own repair person, this outcome would have been different, but since we were at the mercy of a warranty company we got what we got. After the first repair guy came out, diagnosed that our compressor blew, and had the company order the new unit, he decides to ignore our phone calls and we never hear from him again. Finally the home warranty company gets him on the phone and he tells them he broke his foot! That was fine and all but he could have at least called and told us that! Communication was the major problem this entire process! So at this point it's been 2 weeks and we are now about to start all over again on guy #2! My patience was getting smaller and smaller by the day, however, at some point during this time I realized we were blessed in the fact that we did have a/c upstairs! It also could have happened in the middle of the summer, but it didn't!

So next up our repair guy #2 shows up and of all places they pick a guy from gulfport! He gave the warranty company the same diagnosis and schedules a day to come back and install the unit that had already been ordered and was sitting in town at the wholesale dealer. He actually shows up this time, thankfully on a day when John happened to be off work. After installing our new outside unit, he notices that the inside part doesn't match up with our current 23 year old furnace. He then proceeds to try and sell us a new furnace. Considering ours had been working fine the last time it was used, that didn't work with John, so he continues to inspect our current furnace. He then informs us that he found some rust that could possibly cause Carbon Monoxide to be recirculated through out our house via our A/C! He then proceeds to call the home warranty and gets approval for them to order us a brand new furnace! At this point I am over looking the weeks with out a/c and thinking about the 8000 dollars this home warranty is going to be saving us!!

Since this was on a Friday it took the part until middle of next week to be here and by that time we are hearing excuse after excuse from the repair guy about coming. I was getting so frustrated that I was about to write a nasty review about him online! We heard it all, from his truck was having failure problems, to family problems and then we were told he was sick! This guy may have had all these things going on ,but he could have at least communicated that to us!  We couldn't even get him to return our phone calls or texts! The only way we found out the excuses was from bugging the home warranty and they would call him to find out what the deal was.

5 and 1/2 weeks later, John finally pulled the attorney card on the home warranty company and pretty much asked if we needed to contact ours to get this job finished. Let just say the repair guy showed up at our door that night at 6:55 and didn't leave until almost midnight! We were stunned that he showed up so late and unannounced, but grateful that he finally finished our job! All in all it could have been worse, at least we were able to sleep upstairs with air and the outside temps have been cooler! However, I hope I never have to encounter this type of service again and I would never recommend this repair guy if I lived in Gulfport!

We have since learned that the reason he most likely kept putting our job off was, the home warranty company was not paying him very much to do the job, nor were they paying his gas to drive all the way down here! He had better paying jobs, that he decided to do over ours!  I guess the thing that bothered me the most was, on the side of his truck and on his website he claimed to run a christian business. His actions didn't show this example to our family. I pray that he doesn't treat other customers the way he treated us! I mean if you are going to talk the talk you need to walk the walk! When we are treated this way, it definitely reminds us that the way we treat people can be such a witness whether it be good or bad!

I challenge you to think about the way you treat people before you act! You never know what impact you are having on their life!