Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mallory's first Hair cut!!!

Well we had another first happen recently at the end of July. Mallory finally got her first hair cut. Really it was just a trim, but it was more than she had ever had cut! When she was a baby, she had the famous "rat tail" going on, so I eventually couldn't take anymore of that and I cut it off.  Our friend Bridgett who use to cut hair and still does it a little bit on the side, was at our house cutting John's hair and offered to cut Mallory's! I had been wanting to trim it for a while, in hopes it would help it thicken a little and stimulate growth, but was chicken and really wasn't sure I could trust anyone but maybe her.

So I bit my lip and said lets do it!

Mallory did awesome and sat there just like Mrs. Bridgett asked her too! She did great! We were so blessed that Mrs. Bridgett didn't mind showing up at our house and cutting not only John's hair but also Mallory's!

She brought her sweet 4 yr old Jillian with her and afterwards she was ready to have a tea party with Mallory! It was super cute! Here are a few pictures from that day.


33 Months old is lots of fun!

Mallory is getting closer and closer to turning 3! My nephew Ethan, is turning 3 on September 9th and the 10 weeks later Mallory will be 3! It's hard to believe she will soon no longer be 2 anymore!

It's funny how everyone talks to bad about the so called "terrible 2's". I can honestly say we haven't really experienced those! Mallory is pretty laid back and easy going. She still asks to take naps and go night night! I keep wondering how long this will last!

Here are some fun facts to remember:

- She loves ice cream, but will only eat vanilla.
- She is still a pretty picky eater, but getting better. She actually ate some grilled cheese today and a hamburger with my parents at Wards recently.
- She is doing pretty good with potty training, but we are not fully trained just yet! She held it all the way from Gulf Shores to our house in Hattiesburg recently on our trip home! I was super impressed! She gets either M&M's or Gummy lifesavers for going. She also gets a sticker.
- She loves to swim and will not jump of the side to you.
- She loves to swing on the tire swing John made her. We do it at least 2 times a day, if the weather is good and I usually have to pry her off!
- She is in the pretending phase, and I love to see her mind working!
- Her favorite game right now it to match her princess domino's up. We each get a turn to draw on and have to match the princesses up.
- She is all about matching colors and items. She notices everything that matches!
- Her favorite blankies are "star blankie" and "polka dots". Polka dots has to be turning with the polka dots not showing when we put her to bed.
-She still sleeps in her crib and doesn't climb out yet! I am milking this as long as I can!
- The only drinks she really likes are water, apple juice and milk. She tried lemonade recently and didn't like it.
- She loves strawberries and grapes! She prefers cream(aka cool whip) with her strawberries if we have it.
- I recently let her paint her first 2 canvases. I taped off some words and let her paint! They turned out super cute! I hung them over her pink kitchen. She loves them!
- She can draw a circle pretty good now and knows all her shapes.
- She can count to 15, spell her name, tell you where she lives and our address.
- She prefers her hair half way up. I can sometimes convince her to do a ponytail or pigtails.
- She loves to watch Calliou. It's probably her favorite show besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
- She can now pedal her tricycle pretty good by herself.


Mallory is such a sweet little girl, who I love more than she will ever know! I feel very lucky and blessed to be her mom!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Special Wedding and Adorable flower girl!

Well it's been almost 2 months since John's sister , Krista, married Matt. It's been crazy around here and I haven't stopped to take time to update the blog. Maybe one day I will be better about it.

The wedding was in Jackson, Ms on June 30th, 2012 . They got married in a beautiful old Episcopal church in downtown Jackson. I had the privilege of being the Matron of honor, while John was a scripture reader and usher. Mallory however had the best job of all besides the Bride of course and she was the flower girl! She got to wear a pretty dress and have a flower wreath for her hair, but due to rules with this church she was not allowed to walk down the isle. In order for a flower girl to walk down the isle, they require them to be at least 6 years old! Lets, just say we were pretty disappointed by this, but at the same time it was a lot less stressful this way!

So the day of the wedding, my parents drove Mallory up to Jackson to be in time for pictures... now I thought I told them to try and have her there by 2ish, but not to my surprise they didn't show up until closer to 3. This definitely caused a little craziness going on and due to pictures of the bridal party going on I was unable to do her hair! I will give my mom some credit, she did do her best at fixing Mallory's hair, however toddler hair is not her gift! Lets just say I was completely embarrassed by how her hair looked, but there was nothing I could do to fix it at this point! I am still anxious to see how bad the pictures turned out! Ha! All we can do is laugh about it now!

Being that I am a parent of a 2 yr old, I am always thinking about how unpredictable they can be at times. Therefore, in any formal group setting such as a church I always choose to sit near the back. I mean you never know when a fit could come on or how loud they may be right?? Well lets just say my parents must have more faith that I do of my child, cause as I am walking down the isle, I notice that my parents decided to sit about 4 rows from the front!! Yes, I said 4 rows from the front! Lets just say, I was on more pins and needles that my parents evidently were! However, to my surprise she didn't make a peep the entire time and kept watching everything and smiling! I was so proud and impressed!! Would she have done this great for John and I?? I honestly don't know, but I sure was proud of her and give my parents props for taking the risk and sitting so close up so she could see the service better! I am not sure I would have had the guts to do this!

After the wedding, we loaded up and drove to the Eudora Welty Commons, which is a beautiful old home. They had really yummy food and a band outside! It sure was hot! Poor Mallory was sweating pretty good. I finally pulled her hair back in a ponytail since it was stringy and wet looking. She had a blast dancing and listening to the music! After getting home late Mallory slept until 8am for us in the hotel room which was a record for her!

All in all it was a great weekend and we are super excited to have Matt in the Kirkpatrick family! Here are some pictures from the weekend.