Friday, August 23, 2013

Big Sister Role is lots of fun!

Mallory is loving her new role as the Big Sister! She enjoys talking to Mary Claire, holding her, and helping with most tasks that involve taking care of her! She will immediately stop what she's doing to help me change her diaper or wash bottles. It's such a cute thing to see, but I am sure this will stop at some point in the near future when the newness wears off! We luckily haven't experienced any jealously just yet. She just loves everything about Mary Claire! 

Here are some cute things she frequently tells me. 
- mommy she is so cute!
- I love her soooo much!
- mommy we are going to be best friends! 
- mommy her eyes are open so can I talk to her??!
- can I touch her little feet??!!
- can I give her kisses on her head??!
-she is our sweet baby mommy! 
- mommy you can't go cause you have to take care of our baby Mary Claire. 
- we are going to play baby dolls when she gets older. 
- I am going to teach her how to do lots of things when she gets big like me!

Oh how I just love Mallory's excitement with her baby sister! I prayer she will always love her this much and they will always be best friends! We are blessed! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

1 Month Old Already!

I can't believe it's already been a month since she was born! Goodness time is already flying by! 

Mary Claire is doing good. She weighed 6.9 when we took back at a week old. Since that was below her birth weight we had to return at 2 weeks old. That dr appointment she had gained and weighed 7.4! 

After her 2 week appointment I started noticing some of the same reflux symptoms Mallory had. After trying the 4th formula, much thought and discussion with a friends mom who is a retired pediatric nurse we decided to take her in at 1month.  we are now trying Zantac and hoping it will give her some relief! 

In case your wondering what her symptoms were here they are:
- spitting up
- congestion and horse noises that are much worse at night 
- has choked 3 times on her spit up
- will cry uncontrollably for a solid hour at times after eating due to her throat burning. 
- arches back at times in pain
- frequent hiccups especially after eating 

Due to all we encountered with Mallory as a baby and johns family history with reflux she was probably destined to have it! Thankful I know what to expect and look for but praying hers will not be as severe as Mallory's was!

On the bright side when we took her to doctor yesterday she had gain 2 pounds already since birth! What a relief to know that she was at least gaining weight and keeping enough formula down! Praise God for no weight problems yet! We had problems with weight gain with Mallory most of her 1st year! 

Mallory is still loving all things about her baby sister so far! She wants to help with everything from washing bottles to putting on diapers! She also still loves to hold her! I know this will pass at some point so I will enjoy it while it last! She tells me all the time "I love my baby sister" and "she is so cute mommy!". 

I feel truly blessed to have 2 sweet little girls! Life is good!