Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Really Cute Thanksgiving Program !

So every year at Mallory's preschool, they either choose to do a thanksgiving program or a Christmas one. This year again they choose thanksgiving. This is Mallory's 3 year to be in a program there and each year she has come more out of her shell. This year she sang all the songs loudly and with excitement! It was so much fun to watch her! My mom aka Nana, my dad, aka Pops, and Daddy all came with me to watch! Oh and we can't forget baby sister Mary Claire was there too, but slept almost the entire time!  Daddy even filmed it for his family to see. 

A lot of the songs were the same from last year but they also added some new ones too. My favorite new was Give Thanks with a grateful heart. After the program they have their class Thanksgiving party and then we go home. Here are some pictures from the occasion! 

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