Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dance dance and more dance!

This year I decided to enroll Mallory in dance class at our church. She had been asking me a lot about taking. At our church they have someone come once a week for the preschool and also open it to other families to teach dance. Her two good friends from church Story and Madeline also take as well as a friend from school named Harris. This program is really more low key than most in town and they don't do huge recitals that you pay a huge recital fee for! Oh and their costumes only cost $12!! You can't beat that! I figured why pay big bucks for dance at age 4 when she may not even like it, but she really is loving it! 

Their first recital was last week and it was so much fun to watch them dance! I think mal had a little stage fright but she did great! Here are some pictures from the night! They did 2 dances one to Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer and also too Away in a Manger. 

I will add she didn't like her hair at all and asked all night to take it down! She also didn't stay on her taped x very well either! I was just happy she didn't bump into the girl she kept closing in on! A few times she kept staring at someone in the audience .. It keep lasting so long that I knew it had to be someone she knew.. Afterwards, I asked her who she was looking at and she told me Ms. Angela from school. She said that she didn't want her to see her dancing! Lol I guess she got embarrassed when she saw her. I can't wait to see the girls dance again at the end of school year! Here are a few pics I snapped on my cell. The better ones are on my real camera. Enjoy! 

5 months old ... better late than never!

On December 8th sweet Mary Claire turned 5 Months old! Goodness it's going so fast! 

She is growing and growing!! Here are some facts about our month! 
- she prob weighs around 15 to 16 pounds! 
- she can hold her head up all by herself really well. 
- she rolled over, but can only do it without clothes on! 
- she is still eating 6 ounces every 3-4 hours during the day. She will go all night most nights without eating. At least 8 hours. 
- she is still sleeping in the rock-n-play by our bed. 
- we still swaddle her at night, although she is getting out every night at some point now! 
- she still loves her paci and we don't go anywhere without it!
- she is still in size 1 diapers ,but they are getting really tight and as soon as this last pack runs out we will move to size 2. 
- she is still a really happy baby most of the time! She smiles at most people. 
- we still have to give her a ounce of prune juice everyday or she gets really constipated. Trust me you don't want to skip a day! She drinks it like a champ thankfully cause it smells awful! 
- her reflux is getting better, but we are still on Zantac. 
- we still have to constantly wear bibs cause she is a great spitter! This is slowly getting better I think! 
- she has slowly started rubbing the hair off the back of her head ,which makes me sad, but it's lasted a lot longer than Mallory's did. At least it will grow back! 
- bath time is more fun and a lot wetter now. She kicks those feet so hard that I get soaked and so does our kitchen floor!  

I can't believe she is now 5 months old! Goodness time has flown! John and I feel so blessed to be her parents. She definitely has my heart! Can't wait to see what next month brings! We love her to the moon and back! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Really Cute Thanksgiving Program !

So every year at Mallory's preschool, they either choose to do a thanksgiving program or a Christmas one. This year again they choose thanksgiving. This is Mallory's 3 year to be in a program there and each year she has come more out of her shell. This year she sang all the songs loudly and with excitement! It was so much fun to watch her! My mom aka Nana, my dad, aka Pops, and Daddy all came with me to watch! Oh and we can't forget baby sister Mary Claire was there too, but slept almost the entire time!  Daddy even filmed it for his family to see. 

A lot of the songs were the same from last year but they also added some new ones too. My favorite new was Give Thanks with a grateful heart. After the program they have their class Thanksgiving party and then we go home. Here are some pictures from the occasion! 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweet Mallory turns 4!

Its hard to believe that 4 years ago I had sweet Mallory, while we were living in Tallahassee, FL. This year we had a art party at our house. I think she had a lot of fun!

Here are some facts about Mallory:

- She can write her name pretty good.
- She is right handed.
- She can recognize all the alphabet letters and numbers 1-15.
- She can count 1-50 pretty good.
- She is now associating words with the letters. She loves to tell me all the words she can think of that start with each letter. ex. D for Dog, Daddy, Diaper, and Donut.
- She loves to color and can now stay in the lines pretty good.
- She loves to sing songs.
- Her favorite shoes are her cowgirl boots.
- She can ride a bike with training wheels really great now.
- She can write most of the letters pretty good in the alphabet.
- She still loves putting puzzles together.
- She has started loving to play games. The newest favorite is Pop the Pig and Cooties.
- She got her first marriage proposal by a little boy name Jonah at school on the playground!! She told me that she didn't respond except with a laugh! Ha!
- She loves having her Aunt Kathleen as her teacher this year at Trinity Play School.
- She is finally starting to get a little independent on me! I can now say I actually hear the words "I will do it myself". I wondered if that would ever happen!!
- She can now buckle her own car seat harness!
- She still adores her baby sister and loves to give her kisses and hugs.
- She still take naps pretty good, although will try to fight me about taking them some days.
- She loves ice cream as long as it's vanilla and its Blue Bell!
- She is still a picky eater, but that's gotten better! She still loves chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese! She is so use to eating the easy-mac that she doesnt' even like homemade mac-n-cheese! If she only knew what she was missing!

Mallory's questionnaire:

1. What's your favorite food?? Mac-N-Cheese

2. What's your favorite movie? Hello Kitty

3. What's your favorite Color? Pink

4. Who is your favorite friend? Story

5. What's your favorite thing to do? Cook

6. Where is your favorite place to go? The Grocery Store

7. What's your favorite toy? My Puzzles

Sweet Nanny (Johns grandmother) made the trip and told us she wouldn't miss this birthday for anything! This was over 8 hours total riding in the car for her in one day! 

The amazing cake our friend Mrs Beth made! She is so talented! 

It's time to paint! 


The only family picture we got. Mary Claire was asleep and didn't get to be in it! 

Our sweet Birthday Girl!! 

All the kids in their aprons I monogrammed. 

Mallory's reaction to us singing Happy Birthday to her!! 

Mallory with her masterpiece the day after her party. She was so proud and so am I! I even already hung it on the wall downstairs! 

We had so much fun celebrating Mallory turning 4, but I would like for this year to not fly by so fast!! I am definitely blessed to be her mommy!