Friday, July 10, 2009

Well it's been over a month now since I have blogged, but I have been really busy! I got to spend a few days helping my sister unpack boxes at their new house they rented in Lucedale, MS. It was kinda funny to have two pregnant women in the same house and not to mention going everywhere together for a few days. We did get quite a few stares! Ha! Once again we even got asked if we were twins! HA! It's beyond me that people think we look so much a like even being pregnant!

We recently got to find out if we are having a boy or a girl.... and it's going to be a........... GIRL! Yay! We are really excited. My parents will now have a grandson (Katy's) and a granddaughter! It's funny to me how everyone kept predicting that we were having a boy and they were all wrong!!

Recently, we also got to go back to Valdosta and visit some of our friends there. I still get so amazed at how people are so fascinated with my baby bump.... even the guys were! Sometimes I wonder if they are more crazy about it than I am... ha! While we were there I got our friends Pam and Jeff to show John how to change a diaper... since he has never had the privilege!! John's reaction was priceless to see especially with the really smelly one.... if you know what I mean!! I am not to sure if he could do it all by himself yet ,but at least he did pay attention and seem to want to learn! I told him he will soon get lots more practice once our baby gets here and before he realizes it he will be a pro at baby diaper changing!! He informed me that he was not interested in having that as his new career!

For the 4th of July this year we met my parents, sister and her husband Craig down at the bay house in Gulf Shores for the weekend. It was a lot of fun with swimming, kayaking, and eating lots of good seafood!! We had the shrimp boil tradition once again that dad cooks with shrimp, potatoes, and corn along with his special shrimp dipping sauce and boy was it good!! At the last minute my husband decided he did not want to board our dog at the vet and insisted on bringing her. Now, normally this would have been ok, but since my sisters dog polly and our dog don't really get along to well I would have preferred to board her. Needless to say, John brought her and Saturday night my sisters dog decided to bite our dog over some food issues during our blessing of dinner. I don't think it could have come at a better time ha! Our dog Daisy definitely didn't win the fight and got bite in the process but she did put up a pretty good fight considering polly is about 30 pounds heavier and a lot bigger! I hope this situation never happens again, but I have a feeling Daisy is going to always hold a grudge against polly from now own..... On the way home, I asked John if he could do it over again would he have still brought Daisy along... and not to my surprise he said yes he would have still brought her... I hope one day they will learn to get along.... wishful thinking though!

Well I have some things I need to get done around the house and a few thank you notes to write. Hopefully it will not take me as long to update the blog next time!!