Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012 better late than never right?

This year for thanksgiving we had it at our house! My parents and sisters family came along with my uncle bob and aunt Ceil and my grandfather Bobby. We also invited to other special people , an old neighbor ,Mrs. Betty Fry ,and Gary Gordon a church friend who has no family here.

We had way to much food to eat as usual and lots of fun watching the kids run around outside!
The day after thanksgiving we went to visit John's family in Jackson at his sisters house.

This year at Mallory's school they had a Thanksgiving program in place of a Christmas one. It was very cute! They sang songs like "I'm glad I'm not turkey", "I'm a little acorn round" and "ten little Indians"
I got to hear the songs several weeks in advance in the car! It was to cute!

Here are some pictures from Mallory's school program and the holidays. Enjoy!

Up next Christmas in Colorado!

Mallory turned 3! Just a little late with my post!

So I guess it's about time to play catch up on my blog! I am way behind! The oldest major event I have neglected to post about was Mallory's 3rd birthday! So I guess that is where I will start. Her party was on Sunday afternoon Novemeber 18th at 3 at our house.

November the 20th Mallory turned 3!! Where did the time go?? We had a Hello Kitty Birthday this year and this was the first year to include some of her friends from school and church. She had a blast!

This was her invitation.
We even had a pinata for the kids to try and knock open, but the only one strong enough was my cousin Chris. Here are some pictures from her party.

The Yummy cake Mrs. Beth made!

Yummy and adorable cookies Mrs. Beth also made.
Pink lemonade and water!

The Birthday Girl!

Mallory with her sweet church friends Madeline and Story.

Cousin Chris hitting the pinata!

Mallory swinging with her best friend from school Harris.

Now for the big news that came with Mallory's last present opening!!
Mallory holding up the shirt to reveal our secret!

We are expecting in July 2013! This was our reveal to our family and friends that were at her party! It was super funny to hear the silence when we read the shirt to Mallory! I think we pretty much stunned our entire family- in a good way at least! Now that it is already Feb.... I am already 19 weeks! We find out next Thursday the 28th what we are having.

I can't believe we have a 3 year old now and come her next birthday she will be a big sister! We are definitely blessed to be her parents and I think God for her every day!
Up next Thanksgiving and Christmas! Goodness maybe one day I will catch up!