Saturday, October 19, 2013

Angelina Ballerina and a busy week!

This past Thursday, mom and I surprised Mallory with tickets to go see Angelina Ballerina at the local Saenger down town. She was so excited and laughed and smiled the entire time! We ended up going to the 7 pm show so John could keep Mary Claire. When we got home at almost 9 John and Mary Claire were still awake! Thankfully, MaryClaire was really good for John and he told me she jabbered to him more than he had ever heard her do! I think he enjoyed spending time with just her! 

Mallory is still loving her baby sister! She is 3 months old now which seems unreal! I could just sit and watch her sweet smiles all day! She really is such a good baby! Has such a happy personality! She is still going to work with me when Mallory is in preschool 3 mornings a week and she is usually really good and doesn't make a peep! I can tell her black hair is lightening already! The new hair coming in is much lighter. So we will not have a black hair little girl! She is definitely getting more vocal too! Mary Claire is a lot more vocal and kicks her legs way more than Mallory did! I wonder if this will be a indication of different personalities!  I guess only time will tell!

John's mom was here visiting the early part of this week . Mallory loved every minute of that. She played and made cupcakes with Mallory. She also ironed, cleaned and did laundry! She is like super women when she is here! We love her visits! 

A funny story about Mallory this week. I picked her up at 1 on Monday from school. Right as we are driving off she excitedly tells me that she found rocks and brought some home. I then asked her if she was suppose to bring them home . She tells me her friend ceila told her she couldn't bring them. I said well did you asked your teacher? She replied with no I asked myself and she said it was ok! I had a hard time not laughing at her!! So on Wednesday I am picking her up from school and she tells me again mommy I have more rocks!! Lol We have since had a chat about not bringing anymore of the rocks home from the school playground that Mrs. Ree might miss those rocks! So I pick her up on Friday hoping our little chat worked and we didn't have anymore rocks. I ask her is she searched for rocks today and she tells me she didn't bring anymore rocks home but she helped sorben find some and he took them home! Who knew she was so into rocks! I guess she is now telling other kids to take them home! Lol 

Several weeks ago, a lady at our church asked my dad if he would be a local celebrity waiter at chesterfields for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser. His response was I am not a celebrity! Now I know he may not consider himself one, but a lot of people do know him from his local tv commercials! Mom called me Monday to remind us that we needed to go eat and support dad Monday night. So we went and Mallory thought it was super funny to see pops in a apron! I snapped a few pictures to remember the night. Next year I think we need to get him in a pink shirt for the occasion if he does it again. 

Feeling blessed and loved!  It's been a busy week so ready for some down time! Here are some pictures from this week! Enjoy. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

3 Months old came to fast!

I still find it hard to believe that Mary Claire is already 3 months old! Goodness where have the weeks gone??! She is such a sweet and happy baby! 

Here are some facts about her at this age:

- She loves to snuggle! 
- She still loves her paci
- Her hair is still dark and she has only lost a little compared to how much Mallory lost. I don't think the dark hair will stay though!
- She spits up more than you can imagine! But I will take the dirty laundry! 
- Her reflux is still under control with Zantac and we give it to her 2 times a day. She takes 1.2 ml.
- She is loving bath time so much now that she is kicking water all over me and my kitchen floor!
- She is drinking 6 ounces but sometimes will only drink 5. 
- We are still on similac sensitive 
- She is smiling lots and try's to talk too! She just loves to be talked to! 
- I think she weighs around 12 pounds 
- She is sleeping from about 8:30 to 5ish which is great! 
- Mallory stills adores her baby sister! 
- She is still sleeping in the rock in play and sleeps so much better with white noise playing.
- We are still swaddling her! Whoever invented those Velcro swaddle blankets knew what they were doing! I couldn't live with out that right now! 
- She goes to work with me while Mallory is at play school 3 mornings a week and usually doesn't make a peep! 
- She has good head control now. 
- She can still wear 0-3 months clothes, but they are getting tight so we are now starting to use 3 months. 

She is just such a doll and her smiles just melt my heart! I know we are truly blessed! I seriously can't imagine life with out my sweet girls! 

This past weekend, we met our friends the Sweatt's from Georgia in Gulf Shores at the bay house. We met this sweet couple when we lived in Valdosta, Georgia and have been great friends ever since! Even though we now have 7 hours between us , we still make time at least once a year to get together! This was our second year in a row to head to Gulf Shores. They now have 2 little girls like we do. Their oldest is in kindergarten and youngest just turned 1. Man how fun it was to just hang out like old times and also get to see their sweet girls! Mallory and Anna play really well together and had a lot of fun! We went to the beach, had a shrimp boil, went shopping at the outlet mall and also went swimming. It was a fun few days, but seemed way to short! I had a hard time not shedding a tear when we said our goodbyes! Hoping it's not another year before we get to see them again! God definitely blessed us when he put them in our life! 

I guess we are now back to reality ! Looking forward to John's mom coming for a few days this next week! Here are some recent pictures of our trip and of Mary Claire at 3 months old! Enjoy!