Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unwanted New Wildlife

In the last two weeks, a lovely Alligator has decided to make it's home in the lake my parents house is on. In case you didn't think you read that right... I did just type Alligator!! The first time John spotted him we were all in shock and really disbelief!! He has never gotten very close to our bank side, so you have to use binoculars to see it. Lets just say... I am not to excited about this!! John and my Dad think it's pretty funny! My Dad even said he hopes it eats some of the turtles and snakes!!

Tonight John and I got in the little boat my dad has with his trolling motor and went out to try and see if we could find him!! I know you are thinking we are crazy...but according to John and my Dad he doesn't appear to be very big!! My only goal was to really get some pictures.... and I didn't want to get very close at all!! I mean why risk it you know?? Well, as I am shooting the pictures with my parents camera, John keeps getting closer and closer... assuming I wanted to get some really close up pictures!! Lets just say he scared me out of my pants.... as well as the gator that decided to fall of the log and into the water about the same time!! Of course, I just knew he was coming after us and we were going to be eaten alive!! Thankfully, the somewhat small alligator was more or less scared of us and just decided to hide all but his head in the water and just stare at us. The awful stare was almost as scary and I was quickly ready to get back on land and out of the boat!! Anyway... here is the proof that we have a alligator living in the back yard/lake!! I am wondering if the wildlife people are really going to come and get him like they have said... I guess we will just have to wait and see... but until then I will be keeping my distance!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Recent Pictures

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to the beach, to my sister's house and to the Children Museum.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy Busy Busy and Almost 21 Months!!!

Busy Busy Busy..... describes the last month or so. I have been to Gulf Shores again two different times, took Mallory to Alabama to visit John's parents and see his extended family, and also visited John's sister in Jackson and took Mallory to the Children's Museum. I am finally caught up with all the unpacking and laundry!! I have gotten to see My cousin Chris, and His wife Lindsay, and my Aunt Vickie and Cousin Julie for the second time this summer! It is always so great to spend time with them. Ever since my grandparents passed away and they moved to Texas, we haven't gotten to see them as often as I would like, but two times this summer was great!!

Other than all the traveling, Mallory is now almost 21 months old!! I can't believe it!! We are getting way to close to the 2 year old age group!! She is now talking more and more, which is so much fun to listen to!! Instead of Juice, now it's Mama's Juice or Dada's Juice or Pops Juice or Nana's Juice. Everything has a person to it now. She loves to say Mama's Car Car and Dada's truck. She also tells us at night when she ready to go to bed, which is really cute. We have finally overcome some of our fruit selectivity!!! Mallory will eat: Peaches, Grapes, Bananas and Strawberries!! This is much improvement from just eating Bananas! We are still not to fond of most meats, but she has tried more than she would in the past. I even got her to eat a chicken nugget from Wendy's!! She still takes a 2 hour afternoon nap most days, which is great for me!! She can also put most of her shoes on all by herself, but usually they are on the wrong feet. She loves her cousin EE (Ethan) so much and talks about him all the time. She even refers to him when he is not here and says EE's Juice or EE's Car. Its really cute how much she adores her cousin!! She loves to pretend to talk on the phone and only wants to call EE!! All in All she is growing up so fast and I am trying to enjoy every minute I have with her!

I am super excited about all God has in store for Hardy Street Baptist Church. We are starting Awana this year on Wednesday nights and I am going to be the Cubbies Director. I am super excited and have heard what a great program this is for children!! I also love this age group pre-k. I had them last year on Wed nights and they are soooo sweet!! I am so excited to see all God is going to do in these children lives and look forward to the day Mallory with get to participate!

Well this is about all that has been going on.