Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Texas trips and 14 months old!!

Well a lot has been going on the last couple of weeks and I have hardly had time to sit down. We have been to Texas twice in two weeks, which is a record for me!! The first trip was for my cousin Chris and Lindsay's wedding that was in Houston! We gave her a bridal brunch on the morning of the wedding, which was lots of fun! The trip was fun, but a very long drive! It was the longest drive for both Mallory and Ethan! As you can imagine, three adults and two one year olds in a car for 9 hours is not the most fun adventure, but we made it most of the drive without to much screaming or crying!

After we got back, I noticed Mallory had this diaper rash that just would not go away and didn't really look like one I had ever seen. After, a little research and a trip to the doctor we were given medicine for a yeast diaper rash...yuck is all I can say! I felt so bad for Mallory!! It just looked so terrible, but thankfully it is looking much better now and according to the doctor these types of diaper rashes are very common!

The second trip to Texas was to Dallas to attend the Goodyear dealer conference. John and I got to fly for this trip, and boy was I nervous about that!! I wasn't so much nervous about the flight itself, but about getting a pat down!! ha ha... I know it sounds crazy to be worried about that, but if you are around my mother for very long you will hear the worst of the worst stories about pat downs at airports recently!! To my surprise, neither John or I got a pat down and we made it home in one piece!! Besides the easy time getting past airport security, we enjoyed awesome food, learned lots about new products coming out, attended business sessions, saw two of the Dallas cowboy cheerleaders, and listened to Huey Lewis and the News preform. We even got to sneak a dinner in with my Sweet Aunt Vickie, my cousin John and his really sweet fiance Heather!! It was a fun trip, but I am glad to be back home with our sweet Mallory!

Mallory has been growing and growing way to fast lately. While John and I were in Dallas, Nana and pops taught her to hold up one finger when you ask her how old she is! It's so cute!! She can also blow kisses, is running, loves to try and copy us, and loves to play "where's Mallory". I can't believe she is already 14 months old!!

Enjoy the recent pictures!!